The Air Quality Health Effects on Personal Health

There is a very close relationship between the air that we inhale and our health. Air quality health effects vary from good to bad depending on where one lives. It has been established that most people will be healthier if they live in areas that experience little or no emissions at all. The emission of the greenhouse gases and other pollutants causes respiratory problems and other serious diseases.

Here, we shall look at a few very serious air quality health effects caused by pollution.


The air that the victim breathes can provoke an attack of asthma. It is a very serious condition and if medication and care is not applied immediately, it can turn out badly for the victim. Asthmatic people who live in areas that are prone to pollution are more likely to have attacks. Among some of the most popular triggers include smoke, some chemical compounds, dust and mites.

CO poisoning

This is one of the causes of silent deaths. Carbon Monoxide gas is odorless and colorless. If someone breathes this in a room with no ventilation, they will simply slip away, dead. This gas mostly comes from vehicle engines and from lanterns, burning wood fires and coals. It is very important that one stay in a well ventilated room if they intend to use any of the above. CO poisoning is one of the serious air quality health effects and it causes death.


Autism continues to generate a lot of debate, and it has been established that air pollution increases the risk of autism. In a disease carried out by CDC, it was established that mothers who live in areas that have heavy air pollution in their pregnancy and in the early days of infancy, they are more likely to give birth to autistic children.

People who live near highways will inhale more emission gases than people who live in the countryside.

Skin conditions

These are more likely to be caused by smog and the effects of the greenhouse effects. It has been established that people who live in cities that experience an overhang of smog will be more likely to experience irritation on their skin and other infections. This is a further demonstration that air quality health effects can be negative if the air is much polluted, and they can also be good if the air inhaled is of good quality.

The relationship between bad health and the air quality health effects is well established. Many diseases occur directly because of air pollution while others occur indirectly from the long term causes of air pollution. For example, skin cancer can also be linked to air pollution. Air pollutants cause the depletion of the ozone layer, which renders it impossible to prevent the entry of the ultra violet rays of the sun. The UV rays are responsible for many cancer cases, and that is perhaps why cancer cases have been on the rise lately.

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